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Menon is the founder & CEO of Confianzys, India’s leading product business consulting firm. He is a strong evangelist for Made in India products. Menon has over 30 years of experience across multiple roles in the product business. Prior to starting Confianzys, Menon was a founding member & COO of Bahawan CyberTek group, an international IT products & services firm. He has been on the founding team of four global product entities, who collectively clock USD 250MN in revenues today. During his career, Menon has consulted and advised product companies across domains like eBusiness, automotive, healthcare, Government, Defence, Consumer Electronics, Industrial automation, Banking, ePayments and logistics. His core interest and body of work revolves around business / market strategy, market sensing, product visioning and product marketing.

Product Roadmap: Why PMs’ Soft Skills Matter

In my last post on creating product roadmaps, I discussed the importance of a deep understanding of the market and translating that to an effective product roadmap. In this post, let’s look at how the Product Manager’s social competence (or soft skills) can play a big role in getting a product roadmap to be effective in action. Soft skills are not just about a PM being a good communicator or presentable – they are important from a business perspective because most PM roles are highly…

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Can IT service companies walk the talk on Intrapreneurship?

Why are IT services companies in India, the behemoths of the Indian technology landscape, creating an environment for entrepreneurship within the company? The answer lies in the dazzling revenue potential of new, disruptive product markets (PDF), which are however, alien to the current business models of IT service majors. In an effort to bridge this yawning gap between current cash cows and future stars, large companies have begun climbing on to the ‘Intrapreneurship’ bandwagon. There has been much reporting about Cognizant’s emerging business accelerators, while…

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Common Product Management Mistakes

Product Management is an occupational domain which holds 2 disciplines: Product Planning and Product Marketing. Product Functionality is built for the user through product planning and the product’s value is communicated to the user via product marketing. When done right, Product Management can work wonders for a company. But when done wrong, it can spell doom even for the giants So what are the common mistakes committed by the Product Management team? We at Confianzys feel that some of these mistakes are prevalent across organizations,…

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Why do some start-ups fail?

Eric Ries makes a very pointed statement that every start-up person should keep in mind and answer. The question that the entrepreneur needs to answer is not if the product can be built (technical). Rather the question that needs to be answered is “Should the Product be built?” There is a common story among the growing set of entrepreneurs. They get an idea while working in a project and slowly they are consumed by the idea. They feel it is a great idea and they…

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Should Product Management have a seat at the table?

The question is important not because it means something to the career prospects of product managers – but because it has implications for your organization’s sustained growth and success. One of the revealing findings from our survey on The State of Product Management in India, 2012 was that only 32% of organizations (all of which had a product management team) considered it a corporate function. Others placed it as engineering or marketing function. While product management is a process, the danger is that organizations see…

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