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February Newsletter 2013.

Upcoming Knowledge Sessions

Confianzys announces Blackblot's Strategic Product Management Training program in Bangalore (12th-15th Mar 2013). The program helps individuals and high-tech companies reach professional goals and commercial success by adopting effective product management practices.

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Write to or call 91 9880622008 for more details.

Indian Product Management Leaders Association

We invite you to join us on Indian Product Management Leaders Association on Linkedin for healthy discussions on the Product Management scenario and other Product related issues in India.

From Our Value Interventions Desk : The Big Picture

Product Managers and Entrepreneurship

Are Product Managers future entrepreneurs? There is a lot of similarity when it comes to Product Managers and Entrepreneurs. A Product Manager is the person who constantly evaluates the market, and develops the business case. He/ she liaisons with the Product development team, makes sure that the developed product is in accordance with the market needs and evangelises the product among the other departments. He draws up the market strategy and plan which helps the Marcom team to draw up a marketing plan. Once the product reaches the Early Majority, he hands over the product to the sales team and prepares for the next version. The product manager needs to keep his user base and sales team content and satisfied.

So, what is different for the entrepreneur? An entrepreneur too does all the above. Where it differs is in certain aspects. An entrepreneur needs to be an expert in selling his idea and networking constantly with potential VCs, and employees. The entrepreneur will also have to look at marketing the product himself instead of a marketing team.

It is only fair to assume that Product Managers are potential entrepreneurs albeit with added skills.

From the Confianzys Blog blog

Product Management and Success - NASSCOM Emerge Forum

Pradeep Nair, Director - Confianzys Consulting, talks about his experience with the Entrepreneurs at Calicut as a part of the NASSCOM Emerge Forum.

Resource on Slideshare blog

Differentiating Market Vs Product Requirement Document

What are Market & Product Requirement Documents & what makes them important in the Product Lifecycle? Checkout our presentation.

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