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Product Management Process

Given the pace at which market dynamics work, several brilliant ideas, product objectives and critical tasks can slide between the gaps with managers focused on transactional data. Companies need a seamless and transparent process that assesses the gaps in the product management pipeline.

We begin with a Product Performance Assessment exercise to evaluate the current structure, roles, core processes, practices and beliefs, before embarking on the actual implementation.

Confianzys helps companies structure their product strategy, planning, development and marketing process, using the Blackblot Product Manager’s Toolkit (PMTK). PMTK is a collection of workflow tools and templates that can be used by Product companies interested in moving from ad hoc, individual-dependant chaos to efficient, result-oriented product management. Templates by themselves are only a starting point, but Confianzys brings in expertise in adapting these to real-market scenarios.

We structure repeatable processes that your teams can use, to improve decision-making, information reuse and knowledge retention. It also reduces people dependency and the risk of products not meeting the original purpose.