Business strategy

Confianzys helped a global pay-TV client refocus its business strategy & launch a multi-million dollar revenue product for emerging markets

Revenue growth

Confianzys helped a global multi-million dollar e-payments platform provider boost IP revenue by 2x per deal

Market expansion

Confianzys helped a BPM optimization startup refocus product strategy to win clients in the US market


Confianzys helped a leading Sri Lankan IT company reposition their company & offerings to increase bottom-line by 60% in one year & double turnover in 2 years

Portfolio Optimization

Confianzys helped a Big Data company rationalize product portfolio by identifying winners & axing weak product ideas through a market led business case

Go-to-market strategy

Confianzys redefined go-to-market strategy for a SMB ERP product for mid-sized manufacturing to help the company get acquired at a multiple of revenues