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  • Pricing as a part of overall product strategy mix
  • How SaaS, BPaaS & Cloud redefine pricing, marketing and operations
  • How pricing changes your business model

Where we dive into your product/service to refine business models.

  • The market & ecosystem view of your roadmap and how this impacts financial metrics
  • Portfolio thinking, product level prioritization in the agile world
  • Philosophy of prioritization - Feature vs. customer value prioritization

Use our tools, methods & processes to build your roadmap with expert help during the workshop.

  • Market insights vs. Customer research
  • You are not the user, get real market insights
  • Using market needs to de-clutter organization priorities
  • Early warning systems for market disruptions

Get immediate experience in applying market-orientation tools to your products.

  • Products from R&D Labs are not generating substantial revenue
  • Intrapreneurs vs. Startup Entrepreneurs
  • Innovation is not just Spin-offs or Acquisitions
  • The Next killer product from India may well come through Emerging Market Innovation

Get a framework to transfer your innovation into a marketable product. Bring your product ideas/case for a hands-on session

  • PM teams in India shadow Global PM orgs
  • Currently Engineering and support Services are the only forte
  • Build credibility & garner greater responsibility through right approach & mindset

We will outline holistic solutions to tackle this challenge. Get a buy-in for your Emerging Market ideas through a live case

  • Product Owner ≠Product Manager
  • Roles overlap, but different scope and skills
  • Product Management will co-exist with Agile Development environments
  • Product Manager has whole-product responsibilities

Go beyond user stories and backlogs - Bring your real-world problems and walk away with org. & market tools

  • Customer requirements vs. Customer knowledge
  • ∑ (multiple customer knowledge) ≠ your own IP
  • Your non-linear strategy is not your customer's priority

Non-linear strategy requires a right set of tools to harvest IP from existing services offerings. Test drive or build your strategy with us

Learn secrets from masters

Every Master chef has a secret sauce. Only a chosen few are privy to these secrets.

It offers the best practices from the best people, wherever in the world they may be.

We would all agree that for tech products from India, be it going global or making for India, it is going to demand greater speed on an already steep learning curve. Why make the same mistakes, why reinvent the wheel when the best in the business are now accessible?

That's exactly why Confianzys brings the Secret Sauce knowledge series to the Indian product community – to look beyond ourselves, to profit from the experiences of seasoned Product Masterchefs, to find solutions to our most pressing problems, and to connect with each other in the process.

How Secret Sauce works

The Secret Sauce series of knowledge events by Confianzys funnels the expertise of global thinkers and doers to meet the 'big-leap' needs of the Indian product community.

Hard-to-tap insights are made accessible using diverse formats suited to the real-world challenges of leadership and managerial teams driving Product Businesses.

Secret Sauce events through the year will include comprises interactive and immersive 'Recipe' sharing (Learning the paths to success), 'Cookhouse' sessions (Walking the path to success by solving specific problems) and Spritzers (Networking en route to success).

The First Master Chef

Get The Secret Sauce with Rich Mironov In the first series of Secret Sauce events, learn from Rich Mironov, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur a.k.a The 'Product Guy'.

Having been the 'Product Guy' at winning start-ups in the US, Rich Mironov knows all about the product challenges entrepreneurs will stumble upon, and what they can do to be prepared. Besides being a serial entrepreneur himself and coaching dozens of start-ups, he supported six start-ups at their make-or-break early stage by acting as their 'Product Guy'. Since 2001, Rich has been a consultant or adviser to dozens of early-stage companies and larger technology firms including Yahoo, Cisco, Wealthfront, WhiteHat Security, Varian and VeriSign.

Rich is the Author of the highly regarded book, 'The Art Of Product Management', about which one reader says "By the end of the book, you will feel you know more about being a Product Manager than any textbook or formulaic plan could ever give you."

He founded P-Camp, one of the largest gatherings of Product Managers in Silicon Valley as a source of inspiration for industry to tap into.

Rich was a former board member of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association, he has also chaired Agile Alliance, an association that  supports those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices in the software industry.

The Secret Sauce Blogs

Kicking Tyres With Silicon Valley Product Guy Rich Mironov

For most people working on tech products, Rich Mironov is a familiar name. A serial entrepreneur himself, he has been the "product guy" at six start-ups and coaches product management teams and executives in Silicon Valley on building what markets will value. He has been writing about tech product management since 2001.

In February 2015, Rich will be visiting India, sharing his insights and interacting with industry here as part of the 'Secret Sauce' series that Confianzys is creating.

Why is cookhouse different

  • Customized interactions to deliver maximum value to clients

  • Not for merely drawing crowds or networking – designed to solve problems during the day

  • 3 month spread of the engagement including both pre- & post-workshop interventions

  • Access to most relevant global expertise in business, product management & technology space

  • Value-for-Money

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