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Learn secrets from masters

Every Master chef has a secret sauce. Only a chosen few are privy to these secrets.

It offers the best practices from the best people, wherever in the world they may be.

We would all agree that for tech products from India, be it going global or making for India, it is going to demand greater speed on an already steep learning curve. Why make the same mistakes, why reinvent the wheel when the best in the business are now accessible?

That's exactly why Confianzys brings the Secret Sauce knowledge series to the Indian product community – to look beyond ourselves, to profit from the experiences of seasoned Product Masterchefs, to find solutions to our most pressing problems, and to connect with each other in the process.

How Secret Sauce works

The Secret Sauce series of knowledge events by Confianzys funnels the expertise of global thinkers and doers to meet the 'big-leap' needs of the Indian product community.

Hard-to-tap insights are made accessible using diverse formats suited to the real-world challenges of leadership and managerial teams driving Product Businesses.

Secret Sauce events through the year will include comprises interactive and immersive 'Recipe' sharing (Learning the paths to success), 'Cookhouse' sessions (Walking the path to success by solving specific problems) and Spritzers (Networking en route to success).

The First Master Chef

Get The Secret Sauce with Rich Mironov In the first series of Secret Sauce events, learn from Rich Mironov, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur a.k.a The 'Product Guy'.

Having been the 'Product Guy' at winning start-ups in the US, Rich Mironov knows all about the product challenges entrepreneurs will stumble upon, and what they can do to be prepared. Besides being a serial entrepreneur himself and coaching dozens of start-ups, he supported six start-ups at their make-or-break early stage by acting as their 'Product Guy'. Since 2001, Rich has been a consultant or adviser to dozens of early-stage companies and larger technology firms including Yahoo, Cisco, Wealthfront, WhiteHat Security, Varian and VeriSign.

Rich is the Author of the highly regarded book, 'The Art Of Product Management', about which one reader says "By the end of the book, you will feel you know more about being a Product Manager than any textbook or formulaic plan could ever give you."

He founded P-Camp, one of the largest gatherings of Product Managers in Silicon Valley as a source of inspiration for industry to tap into.

Rich was a former board member of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association, he has also chaired Agile Alliance, an association that  supports those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices in the software industry.

Roadmapping and Portfolio Prioritization – Impact on Monetization

Who is it for?

  • Product managers
  • Product marketers
  • Engineering managers
  • Product owners (agile)
  • Product architects
  • Founders

23 Feb 2015
9AM - 5PM

Venue: Grand Hyatt, Bangalore

Learn from the Valley Expert how a product roadmap can impact your business in a full day workshop

Workshop for business leaders

As a product or business leader, you have the power to guide your team or company towards making and prioritising the right choices. Gain valuable insights into using roadmaps and portfolio prioritization not just as internal guides, but in savvy ways to work with your customers and ecosystem even before going to market.

Key workshop areas will include:

  • Monitoring roadmap and portfolio alignment to corporate strategy and goals

  • Getting results by measuring Value (Outcomes) and not Volumes

  • Managing difficult trade-offs and aligning new priorities to existing plans
  • Maintaining core customer focus in an Agile environment

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About The Seminar

"I often see agile engineering teams that build the wrong products twice as fast! " – Rich Mironov, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur a.k.a The 'Product Guy'

Some product teams and companies use roadmaps spectacularly well to meet product launch and revenue goals. Others end up with the wrong product, completely different from what the market wants or even what the team originally conceptualized.

It is no secret that Monetization continues to be a challenge, for start-ups as well as new products from some of the most established names in the Industry. While everyone agrees that roadmapping and portfolio prioritization is critical to delivering a consistent stream of highly saleable products, there are hiccups in practice. And these can entirely deflect you from your financial goals.

At the Roadmapping and Product Portfolio prioritization workshop, get the secret sauce on Monetization from

What will you learn ?

Rich Mironov, who has worked intensively with 40+ tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Participating in the Roadmapping and Product Portfolio prioritization workshop gives you:

  • A recipe to connect the missing pieces in your Monetization challenge
  • The chance to tete-a-tete with Rich and industry peers in a small and exclusive group

Fresh perspectives and insight into your reporting teams' in-practice challenges and what you can do to mentor and align them to corporate goa

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Three Product Challenges of an Entrepreneur

Who is it for?

  • Founders
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Business School Graduates

25 Feb 2015
3 PM – 6 PM

Getting from an early idea to a real business – Learn from a Silicon Valley Coach

Seminar for Startups

Successful products are not an accident

The concept is that successful products take more than good ideas or good luck, linking it to the challenges that need to be tackled well for Success

Identify the right challenges to beat. Or get beaten

The concept is that many entrepreneurs may be chasing the wrong challenges, or not recognising the relevant challenges in time, which leads to their failure

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About The Seminar

"The really successful start-ups are those that believe that they are half right, and half wrong, and quickly figure out which half is wrong." – Rich Mironov, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur a.k.a The 'Product Guy'

Successful products are not an accident, even if it looks like that from the outside. Product Success comes to start-ups that find and tackle their challenges early, and do it well.

Which is why, whether you are a start-up co-founder, just had a new business idea, or you're creating a business plan for a new product at a large company – you should grab this chance to listen to Rich. With deep experience of the product challenges that Silicon Valley start-ups have faced, Rich gives businesses valuable perspectives on moving from 'good idea' to 'market winner

What will you learn ?

Rich Mironov, who has worked intensively with 40+ tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Participating in the 3 Product Challenges of an Entrepreneur event gives you:

  • A recipe to anticipate the key challenges you will need to beat
  • A chance to connect with 150 fellow product warriors facing similar challenges and
  • A wave of fresh enthusiasm for the tough journey you're on!

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The Secret Sauce Blogs

Kicking Tyres With Silicon Valley Product Guy Rich Mironov

For most people working on tech products, Rich Mironov is a familiar name. A serial entrepreneur himself, he has been the "product guy" at six start-ups and coaches product management teams and executives in Silicon Valley on building what markets will value. He has been writing about tech product management since 2001.

In February 2015, Rich will be visiting India, sharing his insights and interacting with industry here as part of the 'Secret Sauce' series that Confianzys is creating.

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