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Market validation is often seen as a step that puts brakes on a fresh startup with a new idea, but this often sows the seeds for future failures. Most startups do not know how to test the merit of their idea and end up shutting shop or pivoting.
Confianzys can help validate new ideas for startups with its proven market insights methods and set the right foundation for success.


Great ideas often fizzle out due to bad implementations. Startups often view any process as being unnecessarily bureaucratic, but don't realise that the alternative is chaotic development and preventable frustrations in getting a product out.
Confianzys can help validate setup the right lightweight structure required by startups to build great products.


Entrepreneurial ventures are not only about build great products, but about building great businesses. In the rush to get going, many startups often fail to evaluate business potential and plan their marketing to improve their chances of success.


"Mostly half-baked ideas, with no customer validation, India is probably seeing an entrepreneurship bubble that may collapse even if it doesn't go completely bust."

Microsoft Ventures

"A very very small percentage of the starry-eyed entrepreneurs will actually go from concept to seed and angel funding to making the big jump to attracting VC money."

Angel Investor

"Have 3 stages at NSRCEL, proof of idea, proof of concept & proof of business, our challenge with most start-ups pop up at the "proof of business" phase"


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